Arsene Wenger, what’s gone wrong?

4 Mar

Yesterday I decided to watch the North London Derby, and being an Arsenal fan I was hoping we might actually do well for once.

And we did, yet, somehow, we still lost. 

I’m not sure where I should start, so i’ll start with the worst part of the team- the defence. For both Tottenham’s goals, the defence were simply awful. Thomas Vermaelen even had his back turned to Aaron Lennon for their second goal, and you can simply not do that. What is the point in playing a high line when you have Per Mertesacker, quite possibly the slowest man on earth, in your team. Nacho Monreal was virtually non existent down that left hand side, although he did put in a few decent blocks every now and again. No, the only decent defender out there in that match was the only person in there who knew what it meant to play a North London Derby- Carl Jenkinson. He was fantastic down the right and almost set up at least 2 or 3 goals. 

So what does Wenger do? He takes him off, and puts on Tomas Rosicky in his place. Now don’t get me wrong, Rosicky is a good player, but it meant Aaron Ramsey, a central midfielder, had to play right back. Where’s the logic in that? At the other end, Olivier Giroud might as well have not been on the pitch, he was that out of it. Santi Cazorla on the left was a bad idea too, he’s not a left winger, and I really don’t know why Podolski didn’t start there.

Aside from that, the rest of the players weren’t bad at all. Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott all put in a shift for the team, really gave it their all. Unfortunately we were let down by some criminal defending and woeful shooting.

After all that, I really do wonder if Arsene Wenger has actually lost the plot.

Note: This is just my opinion, feel free to disagree with me.


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