I do something Arsenal couldn’t- Win a trophy

5 Mar

Being a massive Football Manager addict and a passionate Arsenal fan, it made sense to start a save with Arsenal. And now, coming to the end of my first season, i’ve done something us Arsenal fans have been waiting a rather long 8 years for. I actually won a trophy. It was the FA Cup, and before anyone accuses me of having an easy path to the trophy, let me tell you that I had to face Manchester City in the final.

The final score was 3-1 Arsenal, with Yaya scoring for them and Giroud, Podolski (Pen) and Wilshere scoring for me.

I had a good first season too, Semi’s of the Champions League, Beating Real Madrid along the way, currently challenging for 2nd in the league. The reason I’ve managed to do all this? I actually spent some money.

Gary Medel (From Sevilla, Defensive Midfielder)- £14M
Scott Sinclair (Loan from Man City, Winger)- £350K p/m
Demba Ba (From Newcastle, Striker)- £7M
Marko Basa (From Lille, Centre Back)- £8.25M

Those 4 signing have all helped me get where I am at the moment, and i’m not afraid to spend more. I’ve also ditched the dead wood:

Seb Squillaci (To Sampadoria, Centre Back)- £1.2M
Marouane Chamakh (To Newcastle, Striker)- £6.5M
Francis Coquelin (Loan to Lille, Defensive Mid)- £200K p/m
Arshavin’s leaving on a free on the end of the season too

So, in short, spend some money Arsene. Please.


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