Venky’s Chicken farmers can sod off. Now.

7 Mar

I’m alive! Fortunately I survived judgement day and now i’m here to annoy everyone with another Football Manager rant.

Aside from managing Arsenal I also have a save with Blackburn Rovers. I don’t like them but I wanted the challenge of bringing a team back into the Premier League. I took over mid way through season 1 with the team 17th and failing, and I got them all the way up to 7th by the end of the season, just missing out on promotion. So, you’d think that the owners would try and get behind the team to try and push for promotion the next season?

Well you’d be wrong, very wrong.

It turns out that we’re so financially ruined that we make Portsmouth look richer than Sheikh Mansour. And because of that, i’ve somehow got to reduce my wage bill by £80,000 per week. 80 Grand! So basically that means i’ve got to sell all my best players; Bradley Orr has gone and Martin Olsson is going, yet they still expect me to gain promotion with no money!

I’m not sure whether they’re purposely trying to test my patience, or if they actually don’t know anything about football, either way it’s pretty ridiculous.

When somebody next asks me why i’m stressed i’m going to tell them to blame the Chicken Farmers that ruined football!


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