Technology hates me

12 Mar

I swear technology actually has some sort of personal vendetta against me. So far 2 phones have gone through the washing machine, my Xbox broke the day after I got it (Motherboard failure , and it then proceeded sometime later to fall on the floor and smash. I spent countless IT lessons in Secondary school trying to get the computers to work and the DT laptops were probably the worst pieces of equipment i’ve ever used. My printer actually hates me and refuses to print a whole page of text without messing up somewhere along the line.

And now, in the middle of me writing my Politics essay, I got my second warning that the cooling system in my laptop has failed. (Those of you who read my earlier post know my laptop died on the weekend too).

I also think I may have helped spark WW3 on a facebook post over whether fans of Leo Messi hate Christiano Ronaldo or not. Frankly I don’t care, but it’s fun to watch. As I speak Barca have just gone 3-0 up.

Pic unrelated:



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