Vatican buys gay sauna, elects new pope

13 Mar

I read an article a few days ago which made me laugh a great deal. No, Gervinho hasn’t reduced the size of his forehead, although it probably needs to happen some time soon. No, the Vatican (And therefore the Catholic church) have invested 23M Euros in a complex in Rome. Now that in itself doesn’t seem so bad……….

Until you realise the complex contains Europe’s largest gay sauna.

That fact that the Catholic church, who are seemingly so against homosexuality, have bought a share in Europe’s largest gay sauna is so ironic I had to look twice to make sure i’d read the headline correctly. I’m not sure whether the Cardinal’s faces will be red from embarrassment or red from their secret sauna sessions. In fact I even found a picture of Ex-Pope Benedict XVI enjoying his retirement in that very sauna:




Actually thinking about it that looks a lot like he’s snorting cocaine. No wonder the Pope resigned, he’s a drug addict!

I’ll leave you with the article


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