A good weekend

17 Mar

This has, for me, been a very good weekend of sport. First, the F1 is back! Ah how i’ve missed it, the last few months haven’t quite been the same without it to be honest. I didn’t actually get to watch the race though, I was too busy getting ready to fly back from Monaco, which I have to say is an awesome place. Never did I expect to actually ever get to walk through the tunnel or have my picture taken by the Fairmont hotel (The one by the hairpin):



(I may look like a lemon but that’s definitely me).

And some of the cars there were just awesome. Most of them were outside a casino, which wasn’t surprising.

Other than the fact most of the food was about the size of my thumbnail and tasted disgusting, it was a fantastic trip.

The race itself wasn’t bad (from what i’ve seen), and it’s great to see Raikkonen win, It’s just a shame Mclaren were so poor in the race. Ah well, onto Malaysia.



Football’s been quite kind to me as well, Arsenal getting a great result against Swansea, and of all people Yao ‘Massive Forehead’ Gervinho actually managed to score. Not like that goal’s been a few months late or anything……….. *cough* Bradford *cough*. Spuds lost away to the world’s most inconsistent team in the world Fulham, courtesy of Dimitar Berbatov, who, ironically, used to play for them.

I’m going to enjoy watching Tottenham collapse over the next few weeks, and inevitably surrender their top 4 place. Not only will that make me immensely happy, it will give me an excuse to laugh at half of the people I know, seeing as I only seem to make friends with sp*rs fans.

‘Till next week




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