Venkys fire someone. Again.

19 Mar

I’m really not sure what it is about Venkys chicken farmers, but they really seem to know virtually nothing whatsoever about football. Nothing. First they appoint the most hated man to ever grace football management Steve Kean. Then, when all doesn’t go to plan, they ditch him and hire Henning Berg, a man who knows virtually nothing about managing a football club, who slaughtered Venkys in the media and i’m pretty sure was only hired because he might have played for Blackburn in the past.

Well he was shit, so they fired him too.

Next came Michael Appleton, who has managed more clubs than Tiger Woods has had affairs. The former Pompey boss ditched seasiders Blackpool to manage Rovers, but apart from a stunning victory against Arsenal, i’m not sure Blackburn have actually won a match under him after that. Blackburn could theoretically still be relegated to league 1, so down came the hammer! (Discreet Sam Allardyce reference there), and Appleton was gone. Apparently he was given his P45 as he walked into training. Tough luck Appy.

Now reserves manager Gary Bowyer has been put in charge. You would have thought that Shebby and his gang of chicken farmers would have learnt from last time they left their club in the control of the coaching staff (Stevie Kean), but then, I doubt they have the brain power to make the connection.

In all honesty I would be surprised if this guy became the new Blackburn boss next season:


I mean he’s had time on the pitch at Ewood park, what more do Venkys actually want? They  appointed Henning Berg for that reason after all.


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