Transfers that never were (Or aren’t going to be)

20 Mar

Today is Wednesday, which for me is typically a day where I have absolutely nothing to write about. Therefore I decided to do something different. These are my favourite transfers that never happened. Or are going to happen. Ever.

5) Gareth Bale to Middlesbrough, Stewart Downing to Tottenham (Exchange)

I only read this one recently, even though it was from 2008 (I’m that far behind the times). It makes me laugh when I see all the rumors of where Bale may or may not have been going when he was being played at LB, and was pretty awful. At the time i’m sure it would have been a great deal- Downing was pretty decent back then. I’m surprised it never did happen, and frankly i’m disappointed it didn’t happen too. I would have loved to seen Gareth’s talent being wasted at left back, because then Spuds wouldn’t be in the top 4

4) Wayne Rooney to Arsenal, £25M (Rumour)

Being an Arsenal fan I would love to see this happen. Rooney is the sort of striker we need, and he’s English, which helps with the squad rules. £25M isn’t a bad price, and i’m *sure* Kroenke would splash out, just for him. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen. 
A) I doubt Rooney actually wants to leave United. Even if he did, why would he go to Arsenal?
B) I’m sure if Rooney was available, he’d cost more than £25M
C) He’s on almost £300,000 a WEEK, since when would Arsenal pay that for anyone?
D) This came from a MOTD magazine I read on the way to Monaco. That says everything.

3) Jan Vertonghen to Arsenal, £10M (2012)

This was a good one. There was so much hype about Vertonghen moving to Arsenal it was unreal. Everyone was convinced it was going to happen, even Vertonghen said he wouldn’t mind moving to the Emirates.

Then came the shock so big the media couldn’t keep up with it…… ‘I’m moving to Tottenham’
He then rejected that he ever said he’d move to Arsenal. Bastard.

2) Samir Nasri to PSG, Unkown (Rumour)

This one I just find funny because it’s Samir Nasri. Who the hell would want to buy him?
(I found it in here somewhere:

1) Lionel Messi to Rangers, Season long loan (Not now obviously, some time in the past)

Considering the fact that Lionel Messi has arguably become one of the worlds greatest footballers, if not the best, it seems amazing that he almost had a year playing football against the likes of Aberdeen on a cold, wet night in the highlands. To all the people wondering if he could do it on a cold, windy night somewhere northern, you very almost had an answer.

We do have to remember though that Messi at the time was only 18, and just out of the ‘B’ team. It could have been a great move. The more likely scenario would be that he’d have ended the season with a broken leg.,19528,11788_2341321,00.html 


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