Aaron Ramsey scores, Russian billionaire dies

23 Mar

It’s back! The long lived curse of Aaron Ramsey has returned, killing off yet another person, and making international news headlines. Yes, after Aaron Ramsey scored a penalty during Wales’ 2-1 victory over Scotland, Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky had died in his Surrey home from ‘unexplained circumstances’.

Aaron Ramsey has killed many famous celebrities, and a very famous terrorist, so it should be of no surprise that a billionaire has now bitten the dust. Ironically enough Boris had survived several assassination attempts before, including one that decapitated his chauffeur. (It was a bomb. Work it out for yourself). Yet, a simple footballer can finish him off, in ‘unknown’ circumstances. 

So basically the Russian government killed him off. I’m pretty sure they used Aaron Ramsey as cover, then slipped Cyanide in his tea. Or they gave him some Polonium cake.

Ironically Aaron Ramsey decided to rugby tackle a Scotsman late in the game and get sent off, probably to stop himself killing too many other people.

Pic unrelated:



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