Sebastian Vettel Vs The World

24 Mar

Today Sebastian Vettel managed to defy all the odds and become a more hated person than he already was. Even his own fans now hate him (Well some of them at least). If you didn’t hate him because he was too good, was too arrogant, sulked when he didn’t win, or had that really annoying tendency to shove his finger in you face post race, well now you can hate him because he acted like a moody child and completely ignored specific team orders, and won a race nobody wanted to win.

First, Vettel gets annoyed and tells the team ‘He’s too slow, let me past [Webber]’, which is arrogant, if a little rude to command your team into doing something like that. You don’t own the team Seb, even though you like to think you do.

Then he thought  it would be a good idea to completely ignore team orders to dial down the engine and get the car to the finish, and much to Webber’s amusement almost drove into the wall passing him. This went a whole lap before Webber gave up and Seb had lead. I think it’s fair to say Mark was less than impressed:


To make things worse, Mercedes decided to get in on the act by refusing to let Rosberg pass Hamilton for 3rd place. Rosberg then spend the next 15 laps almost but not quite overtaking Hamilton, who was probably wetting himself over what was going on. Fair play to Rosberg though, at least he stuck to orders, although his ‘You owe me one’ radio message to Ross Brawn made me laugh.

I swear after the race, that was the most awkward podium i’ve ever seen. Nobody could see eye to eye, it was the race that nobody wanted to win.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the wonderful world of Formula 1.

Note: If Sebastian Vettel’s body is found beaten to death in a Malaysian back alley at 2 in the morning, I didn’t do it, it was @BenSweeneyF1


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