What happens next?

25 Mar

Yesterday you may or may not have seen me rant on about the wonders of Sebastian Vettel and the Malaysian Gran Prix. How one man went on a rampage of defiance and arrogance to ignore his team orders and annoy pretty much everybody, including his team boss and more importantly his teammate Mark Webber, who he stole the win from.

Well i’ve had a day to think about it now, and you know what? I haven’t changed my mind. I still think Vettel was stupid to go against his own team’s orders. Just because you own 3 world titles doesn’t mean you can go around doing whatever you want Seb.

So what happens now? Well I very much expect him to get a stern telling off, especially as Helmut Marko, the man who famously hates anything to do with Webber, said Vettel was in the wrong. I would also expect a fine for something along the lines of ‘Breach of conduct’, but with what Vettel earns, it wont even make a dent.

Someone said that Vettel should get a race ban, but that’s just being ridiculous, why ban someone who is almost guaranteed to get your team high points, just for something that he’s already apologised for.

Seriously, can’t everyone just move on with their lives?


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