The mystery of Shanghai Qualifying

13 Apr

I’m back! I know i’ve done nothing on this for forever, but a combination of revision (As I have my AS exams in May, and the volume of work I have to do is ridiculous) and sheer laziness meant that my last post was a long, long time ago.

So why am I back? Well because i’m a bit annoyed. Actually no, i’m furious.

F1 is a sport with a massive fan base, it’s a sport that I love, and I love it because we’re supposed to see the best of the best racing each other in the best cars, fighting for the top positions. So imagine my dismay when, after 10 of the 20 minutes in Q1, absolutely nobody had taken to the track. Nobody. 

Why? Because Pirelli decided they would create tires that fall apart after 2 laps, and are useless in the grand scheme of things. With a limited set avaliable, teams have to do what’s necessary and only use them when appropriate. I don’t blame the teams at all, I blame Pirelli for making such awful tires.

It didn’t get any better in Q2 or Q3. Infact, Jenson Button could have walked around the track and set a time that would mean he starts 8th, that’s how bad it actually was.

I know Pirelli wanted more exciting racing through faster degrading tires, but all it’s really done is actually make the racing boring, hasn’t it.

Note: If any of you were wondering where I was today, I went to see a football match. Enjoy this picture of me and Chung Yong-Lee. One of us is a very talented South Korean footballer for Bolton Wanderers, and the Other is Chung Yong-Lee



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