Why Christijan Albers is the greatest F1 driver to have ever lived

6 Jul

Ignoring the fact i’ve been gone since April (I was supposed to be frozen for 3 years, not 3 months. The guys at the cryo lab messed that one up really badly) shall we begin?

So, some time last week, me and a friend, for some reason, decided to start discussing who the world’s greatest F1 driver was. Now there are all the ones you’d expect, such as Senna, Schumacher etc, but we decided to be a little less mainstream.

We started off with a benchmark, and what better benchmark that the current 3 time world champion, Sebastian Vettel. Unfortunately (Or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it) he isn’t the greatest, because a certain Mr Karthikeyan managed to completely own him in the 2012 Malaysian GP. Vettel, being the man he is, drove into the front wing of Karthikeyan, and got himself a puncture, resulting in him finishing 11th and out of the points. Any man who drives into Karthikeyan cannot be the worlds greatest (That includes you Jenson).

So, where do we go from Karthikeyan? Well, if you cast your mind back to a certain 2005 US GP, you’ll remember ‘Indygate‘, where only 6 cars actually bothered taking part. Well our good friend Karthikeyan managed a respectable 4th in the Jordan. However, his teammate, Tiago Monteiro, outqualified him and finished ahead of him, on the podium. So we have a new champion.

But i’m not done yet.

Forge ahead to the 2006 season, where Monteiro was partnered with Christijan Albers. At this point, you’re going to complain that Monteiro finshed ahead of Albers in the drivers standings, but seeing as they scored the same amount of points (That would be none), I don’t buy into this whole whoever has the highest finish in a race during the season gets ahead in the championship, because all races have different and unique events. Therefore I took a combined result. Counting a retirement as 24th, we get Monteiro 327, Albers 236 (I’m being serious here) Therefore giving Albers a better overall result.

Also to add to Albers credit, I have a few Minardi bits and pieces, including a poster, mouse mat, and postcards with both Albers and Friesacher on them (I got these because a friend of mine knew someone who was close with Minardi). To add, I disregarded Friesacher because he got obliterated by Albers at that infamous 05 US GP. Also, Albers got rolled by Yuji Ide, something no other F1 driver can lay claim to.

Therefore it is safe to say, Christijan Albers is the greatest driver to have raced in F1, ever.

Note: I would have (And did) put up a good argument for Heikki Kovalainen to be the worlds greatest F1 driver on account of his amazing race win for Mclaren in Hungary 2008, but my friend, Tom, seems to have something against Heikki, and so my argument was thrown out, and we settled on Albers.

H-KOV Heikki 😛


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