Nico Hülkenberg feels poor, wants out of Sauber

8 Jul

Sauber, I think it’s fair to say, have literally no money whatsoever. I’m pretty sure I have more money than they do (Although, after shelling out £185 on tickets to Silverstone next year…..), and i’m certain that they’re not just going to be able to magic some money out of thin air, which is a shame. I can’t say Sauber are one of my favourite teams (Because they’re not), but i’ve always considered them one of the good guys in the sport. My opinion of them took a crash landing when they ditched Japanese ninja Kamui Kobayashi, but I can’t say I ever hated them, and I do feel sorry for the situation they’re in.

Unfortunately it seems Nico Hülkenberg isn’t the sort of person to take pity on a struggling team, and after not being paid his £3.45 this month, he’s decided (Or more likely his lawyer has decided) to take the matter into his own hands, and threaten to cancel his contract with the boys in grey. I’m not really sure of his reasoning behind this, because, even though he isn’t really making any money, if he cancels his contract he’s going to be unemployed for the rest of the season, and still not make any money. There are no vacancies at any of the other teams (Unless Ferrari decide to humanely sack Felipe Massa, as they maybe probably should), so why not make no money and actually still race in F1?

He may not be making any money, but he’s not a pay driver, so he certainly isn’t losing any. He either needs to sack his lawyer or take up a part time job, both of which will save/earn him some extra cash. Actually, after coming up with this advice, I should become his lawyer.

That’s my career planned already then.


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