The haunted Nürburgring

8 Jul

I’ll try to keep this one civil, but, knowing me, i’ll probably fail quite badly, so i’ll apologise for that in advance. If I do step out of line, feel free to shoot me or anyone else you may not like. Actually don’t do that, I don’t want any law suits on my hands.

Anyways, if any of you bothered to read my post on Christijan Albers, you’ll see i’m not one to take anything seriously, and this isn’t any different. So, yesterday was the German GP, and, after the many failing of Silverstone, it was hoped that this would be a little less….. dangerous.

Well unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

I’m 99% sure that the Nürburgring is a haunted circuit. What happened there isn’t normal, and really some of the things that happened I never expected to see happening at a GP. Why do you think that? I hear you ask (Or not, because nobody ever says anything like that to me)

Well, here’s why:

1) Mark Webber‘s runaway tyre. Usually when a pit crew forget to put a trye on an F1 car properly, they get to the end of the pit lane before it falls off, (Or if you’re Fernando Alonso, you get half way round the circuit before it abandons ship) or you’re name is Jenson Button. This time, however, it was Mark Webber who fell victim, and his wheel, like most of us, must really not like the Red Bull cars, because it jettisoned immediately, cascading down the pit lane and hitting a cameraman on the back. I was quite surprised to see a variety of reactions to that happening. I, like most people, started shouting at Red Bull, one of my friends apparently found it funny and Professor Green just started swearing on Twitter.

2) Jules Bianchi‘s car gains a mind of it’s own. I feel sorry for Bianchi, he was doing quite well in the race, well outpacing Chilton and keeping pace with the Green Army (That would be the Caterhams). It seemed a variety of things ended up going wrong for him, first his car’s engine decided to explode in spectacular fashion, jetting out a plume of smoke of volume so high i’m surprised anyone could actually see anything. It made me remember USA 2003, where Jacques Villenueve‘s engine blowout signaled the end of his BAR career. Bianchi’s car then proceeded to catch fire, which, while momentary, was still a bit of a scary moment. You’d have thought that was enough, but then his car decided it wasn’t happy where it was, and decided to roll down the hill, crossing the race circuit and then murdering an advertising board. At first when I saw it I thought it was an illusion, but no, his car definitely rolled down the hill.

3) The Mclaren boys actually did well for once. As amazing as it seems, Jenson Button actually ran in second place for a part of the German GP behind Romain Grosjean. Having started on the medium tyres, he was the only person who could actually get them to last long enough to implement a perfect 2 stop strategy. The others who tried, Hulkenberg, Rosberg, Maldonado etc, it didn’t quite pay off, but for Button it did. If it wasn’t for some last lap traffic he might have finished 5th, which would have equaled Mclaren’s best result of the season (A 5th in Monaco from JB), but 6th is still a great result, extending his gap over Sutil to 10 points and consolidating his 10th place in the championship. Perez too had a great race, fighting up from 13th on the grid to finish a respectable 8th place. He might have come 7th, but when a rampaging Mark Webber on newer tyres comes for you, there isn’t much you can do about it.

So, as you can see, a few weird and random things happened at the Nürburgring, and so I don’t think we should go back there, for fear of everyone becoming possessed and Mclaren actually winning a race for once. I much preferred the Hockenheimring anyway, or we should go back to Austria, i miss the A1 Ring (Or Red Bull Ring as it’s now called)


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