Sauber sacrife their sanity

15 Jul

We all already knew that Sauber were in really big financial trouble. They had admitted it themselves, and German maestro Nico Hulkenberg had even threatened to quit the team (Although it looks like he may have taken my advice and stayed on until at least the end of the season). So, when you’re desperate for some money, where do you turn?

Russia, of course.

Yes, Sauber have sold their soul to the devil and announced a 3 way partnership with Russian firms ‘Investment Cooperation International Fund’, ‘The State Fund of Development of North-West Russian Federation’ and ‘National Institute of Aviation’. These all sound very monetary based (Which considering what Sauber are going through isn’t surprising), but they also sound very corporate in the sense that Sauber will no longer be an F1 team with passion and a personality, but a business that exists solely to make money.

It get’s even weirder. Sauber go on to say that this partnership will give them a chance to work with top end Russian engineers and Scientists, which sounds good in itself, but I can’t shake the picture out of my head that the Russian government are going to use Sauber as a pilot scheme to develop Nuclear technology in the world of Formula 1. Don’t be surprised to see Sauber being powered by a nuclear reactor next season.

To finish things off, there was a nice subtle message from Sauber to say that ‘Actually this investment isn’t free’. In the last stage of selling their soul, Suaber have agreed (Or rather are being forced to) sign Russian driver Sergey Sirotkin to their team, and apparently they’re also setting up a program that means Sirotkin will race for the team in 2014. I still can’t decide whether they mean as an actual driver or just reserve driver, but if he is an actual driver it would make him the youngest F1 driver in history, becuase he’s only 17.

It’s quite depressing to realise someone the same age as me could be driving in F1 next year, whilst i’m here doing nothing but write on this blog and play Football Manager.

(Here’s the official Sauber announcement


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