Mclaren are quick, sort of.

17 Jul

So today was the first day of the (not so) young driver test. In fairness to most of the teams, after realising the FIA have screwed them over about what they can actually do to the car, they’ve decided to only run their young drivers, with Lotus dropping Kimi Raikkonen, and Red Bull removing Mark Webber from the schedule.

Anyway, on with the day, and at the close of the day these were the many times set.

1. Magnussen, McLaren, 1:33.602, 100 laps
2. Di Resta, Force India, 1:33.774, 58 laps
3. Da Costa, Red Bull, 1:33.821, 82 laps
4. Calado, Force India, 1:33.986, 27 laps
5. Juncadella, Williams, 1:34.098, 55 laps
6. Cecotto, Toro Rosso, 1:34.193, 75 laps
7. Frijns, Sauber, 1:34.236, 72 laps
8. Prost, Lotus, 1:34.810, 72 laps
9. Rigon, Ferrari, 1:34.874, 76 laps
10. Rossi, Caterham, 1:35.651, 69 laps
11. Elinas, Marussia, 1:36.676, 36 laps
12. Chilton, Marussia, 1:38.347, 27 laps.

There are a few things to read into this. First, Mclaren actually won something for the first time this year. Kevin Magnussen, the young Dane, topped the time sheets. Because of this, I think Mclaren should cut their losses, drop Checo off in Mexico, and hire Magnussen for the rest of the season.

Next thing to point out is that Chilton is extremely slow. I’m not talking your average slow, i’m talking Yuji Ide or Gaston Mazzacane slow. And what make it worse for him is the fact that he was 1 and a half seconds slower than Tio Ellinas, who drives GP3. Now i’m not taking anything away from Ellinas, but i’d be a bit worried if I was Chilton.

Finally, it seems doing more laps pays off, with top driver Magnussen hitting an amazing 100 laps, whereas Chilton could only manage just over a quarter of that at 27 laps. Make of that what you will.

Note: I’m not here tomorrow, but if you wait until the end of the week, i’m going to continue my series with the ‘Top 5 worst teams of the 21st century’. It’s much like my previous one ‘Top 5 worst drivers of the 21st century’, but with teams. You get the point.


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