Flying Aussie

19 Jul

I wasn’t here yesterday (I was busy messing around with Lasers in Exeter), hence why I am doing this now. So, yesterday was day 2 of the (not so) young driver test, and whilst it wasn’t so surprising to see one of the older drivers take top spot, what was surprising was what car it happened in….. Either way, here are the results:

1) Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, 1:32.972, 48 laps.
2. Carlos Sainz, Toro Rosso, 1:33.016, 39 laps.
3. Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, 1:33.187, 59 laps.
4. Davide Valsecchi, Lotus, 1:33.554, 91 laps.
5. Oliver Turvey, McLaren, 1:33.864, 97 laps.
6. James Calado, Force India, 1:33.957, 47 laps.
7. Antonio Felix da Costa, Red Bull, 1:33.958, 19 laps
8. Davide Rigon, Ferrari, 1:34.053, 97 laps.
9. Pastor Maldonado, Williams, 1:34.116, 71 laps.
10. Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber, 1:34.224, 52 laps.
11. Daniel Juncadella, Williams, 1:34.631, 33 laps.
12. Robin Frijns, Sauber, 1:34.731, 17 laps,
13. Will Stevens, Caterham, 1:36.082, 98 laps.
14. Paul Di Resta, Force India, 1:36.356, 41 laps.
15. Rodolfo Gonzalez, Marussia, 1:37.949, 92 laps.

So, hotshot Australian Daniel Ricciardo, who is auditioning for a coveted seat at Red Bull Racing, managed to top day 2. However, it was in his current car, the Toro Rosso, that he set the best time in, not the Red Bull. Now that might just be because Ricciardo is more used to the Toro Rosso, but then when you see Carlos Sainz put the other Toro Rosso second, it shows that Toro Rosso was infact the fastest car on day 2.

It also didn’t help Red Bull that Ricciardo managed to put the car into the gravel trap just 7 laps in.

Other notable things include Paul Di Resta, who did so well on day 1, finishing second last (And behind the Caterham of Will Stevens). This is the reason I don’t read into the NSYDT (Not so young driver test), because it’s basically just a glorified test session.

Davide Valsecchi, Oliver Turvey, James Calado and Antonio Felix da Costa all managed to get valuable time in their cars, and didn’t do half bad either, with all 4 of them doing better than the Williams of Pastor Maldonado, Sauber of Nico Hulkenberg (And Paul Di Resta of course) .

I’ll also give you day 3 results later today, and then hopefully i’ll have a couple of articles by Sunday.


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