The almighty conqueror (Day 3 of the not so young driver test)

19 Jul

So today was the 3rd and final day of the ‘Not so young driver test’, and in his usual typical German efficiency Sebastian Vettel topped the timesheet. Not content with just being the best when it matters, Seb decided to dominate the NSYDT also. Here are the results:

1. Vettel, Red Bull, 1:32.894, 79 laps
2. Sutil, Force India, 1:33.242, 99 laps
3. Prost, Lotus, 1:33.256, 83 laps
4. Sainz, Red Bull, 1:33.546, 35 laps
5. Rigon, Ferrari, 1:33.592, 20 laps
6. Massa, Ferrari, 1:33.624, 69 laps
7. Vergne, Toro Rosso, 1:33.647, 42 laps
8. Paffett, McLaren, 1:34.924, 77 laps
9. Wolff, Williams, 1:35.093, 89 laps
10. Van der Garde, Caterham, 1:35.155, 65 laps
11. Kyvat, Toro Rosso, 1:35.281, 16 laps
12. Pic, Caterham, 1:35.576, 46 laps
13. Sato, Sauber, 1:35.642, 57 laps
14. Gonzalez, Marussia, 1:36.339, 24 laps
15. Calado, Force India, 1:36.451, 5 laps
16. Bianchi, Marussia, 1:36.744, 39 laps.

In my usual style, here are a few things we may have learned from today.
1) Vettel is fast. OK of course we already knew that, but in his only outing for the NSYDT he beat Sutil by 4 tenths of a second.
2) Force India are quick. Throughout this whole session (With the exception of PDR yesterday), Force India have been impressive, and Sutil continued this today by coming second. Toro Rosso have also been more than impressive, and Carlos Sainz probably the most impressive of the lot. One to watch for the future maybe?
3) Caterham like their drivers. Caterham actually did something that I don’t think any of the other teams have done these 3 days (Correct me if i’m wrong), and run 3 drivers. Charles Pic, Giedo Van Der Garde and Will Stevens all took to the Caterham, with Giedo (for once) coming out on top.

Seeing as it is the weekend now, I should have 2 articles by Sunday, but don’t hold me to it.


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