Vettel wins again, the FIA are (Almost) wrong, and Jeff Tracy is addicted to Cigars. Just another day in the Singapore office for F1 (And the Thunderbirds)

22 Sep

I’m going to talk about Vettel as little as possible, infact i’m going to summarise  it into bullet points.

1) He won
2) People still don’t like the fact that he won
3) He led every single lap of the race
4) People booed him (Again)
5) He’s still German.

Infact, the only time anyone got close to him was at the very start, but unfortunately for the viewing public Britney (That’s Nico Rosberg to you and me) couldn’t make a move.

The rest of the race wasn’t particularly entertaining, at least not to start off with, with very little happening anywhere. That all changed, however, when Daniel Ricciardo decided to do what Sergio Perez did once he was confirmed in a higher team, and crash, leaving Singapore to retain it’s 100% safety car record. This triggered a mass panic among some of the the drivers to come in and get tyres, whilst others decided it was best to stay out on what they had.

This, and this alone, led to a fascinating showdown in the final 20 laps between the Mclarens of Jenson Button and Checo Perez, who had pitted under the safety car, and lots of people behind who hadn’t. Both the Mclarens had ruined their tyres, but it was an amazing fight to try and see them hold on and fight off the chasing pack, comprising of Kimi Raikkonen, Mark Webber, both Mercedes and a few angry Saubers. Unfortunately the Mclarens were fighting a losing battle, but fortunately for them, Mark Webber’s car decided to catch fire (Because it had to be him, didn’t it?), leaving Button to finish 7th and pick up 6 points. Perez didn’t do half bad either.

That, however, was only some of the never ending story. Alonso, in a rather cool at of kindness, decided to give the stricken Webber a lift back to the pits on his car. Now I don’t know about Webber, but i’d be totally unnerved if I was sitting on a moving F1 car, with someone else driving. The gesture was nice though, yes? Well no, not if you’re the FIA, who decided to give Webber a 10 place grid drop for hitching a ride. Why did he get punished? Because Alonso slowed down in the middle of the track to pick up MW. Alonso. Not Webber, Alonso. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the FIA! (Sarcastic clap)

So that’s it, i’m now going to go off and watch another couple of episodes of the Thunderbirds, for which I shelled out £12 for the privilege.

I’ve actually only just realised Jeff Tracy really likes his Cigars. Infact all of the Thunderbirds smoke. Even Lady Penelope had one of those things posh people have to stick their cigarettes on the end of.



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