The FIA give a drive-through penalty before a race. Yeah…. logic.

12 Oct

The FIA really are a funny bunch of people. And when I say funny, I don’t mean that everybody laughs at their jokes (Although most of the decisions they make are a joke), I mean that most of them should probably spend the rest of their career in a mental institute. I’m sure most of them do.

Anyway, today the people that make up the FIA/Stewards decided to do something that has never been done before….. They’ve given a drive through penalty to someone, before the race has started. That’s right, before the race has even begun. The driver unfortunate enough to be put on the end of this is Charles Pic, who made the mistake of driving through a red light at the end of the pitlane.

Now, i’m not saying that driving through a pit lane right light is alright, because it’s against the rules. However, the penalty they’ve landed him with is really quite incredibly strange. I’d not be too surprised if they were to land him a hefty fine, or give him another reprimand (Saying that, he has enough already. The FIA don’t really seem to like him). More than that, a drive through isn’t really going to actually make much difference; The fact he has to serve it within the first 5 laps means there’ll be plenty of time for him to catch back up with the field. It’d be different, of course, if, say, Sebastian Vettel had been given this punishment, because it would have severely disadvantaged him, but the fact is Pic already has a 10 place grid drop and hasn’t qualified 2nd (Which would be impossible anyway, given the grid drop. Well, in theory anyway). Looking at it like that, surely this penalty is a little bit pointless?

In other related news, Jules Bianchi’s 10 place grid drop has moved him from 22nd on the grid to, er, 21st on the grid. Yeah, nice thinking FIA.

In other unrelated news, i’m going to see Robot Wars Live on November 10th! Woohoo!



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