Behold the introduction of Tom!

13 Nov

Hello there blog readers. I am Tom, the part-time opinionatior and assistant for several of Chris’ blogs (wadup bro?). I have decided to join the fun, to get some things off my chest and talk about anything that may or may not be relevant to anything.

And so I will start with my first comment and that is on the driver market in F1. There are many good drivers who deserve a seat (Kobayashi, Senna, Buemi, Alguersuari and the list goes on) and drivers who shouldn’t be there or even mentioned (Sirotkin, Gutierrez and, guess who, Chilton). So I will begin. How in the name of all that is holy has Chilton done anything towards even deserving to drive next year, let alone in F1? He offers no pace whatsoever, no overtakes on anyone, including retired cars and a posh-rick-boy voice that makes me want to punch him in the face. He is slow and needs to go. There are better more deserving drivers out there.

This also brings me on to Pic, which Chris was discussing. And Chris is totally right in all he said. On what planet would you choose Van Der Garde over Pic? Sure he qualifies better, but you don’t get points for qualifying.

Force India is an interesting situation. Sutil isn’t quite the racer he was, and has suffered a lot of bad luck. And Di Resta is more miserable looking than Gordon Brown. And who wants someone who constantly criticises the team? But the issue is, which I fear for hopeful drivers, is that Force Indi have a love attraction to him, and won’t drop him. With these new rule changes, there may never be a better time to try out a new chap, or chapess, as I would love to see Susie Wolff get a seat.

Whilst I am at it, may I please request that someone kills Miley Virus? Please. If I see her twerk again, I am going to rip her tongue from her mouth and stick it up her arse.

That’s is for today, but I will be back soon.

I dedicate my first blog post to the King of Cool himself, Samuel  Jackson. Legend.

And my deepest condolences to all those involved and affected by the typhoon in the Philippines. The worlds hearts are with you. 


One Response to “Behold the introduction of Tom!”

  1. chrisdonati1 November 13, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    *Fist Bump*

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