Charles Pic: A man who deserves a drive

26 Nov

Formula 1 is a cruel world, with passionate fans who love nothing more than to make their opinions heard throughout the known universe (That would most certainly include me). There are many things floating about, but there’s one that has particularly stood out, because it’s had a very mixed set of opinions.

Now, despite actually being under contract at Caterham, there has been a lot of speculation as to the future of Charles Pic, with Caterham supposedly looking at other drivers to replace the Frenchman (Such drivers including Heikki Kovalainen and Marcus Ericsson). Many people I have seen have said that it’s a good idea, that Van Der Garde performed better than him, and that he doesn’t deserve a drive.

Well, I completely 100% disagree with them.

I personally think that most people who say VDG has outperformed Pic either haven’t been paying attention or have been swayed by the last couple of races of the season. Using my amazing formula (Which has been seen in previous articles), where I add up everyone’s positions, with a retirement counting as 22, and then see who has the lowest number, Pic comes out with 340, Van Der Garde with 345. So this even puts VDG behind (Albeit not by very much), but more than that shows that he hasn’t really been outperforming Pic at all. (As a reference, Bianchi got 339, just one less than Pic, and Chilton got 345, the same as VDG. It’s really tight down the end of the grid, although Chilton not retiring helped his cause a bit).

People are pointing to the end of the season, where VDG out-positioned Pic in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and America, but they seem to forget races like Japan, where Pic, even with a drive through, managed to overtake a hapless Chilton 3 TIMES and pulled a 20 second gap out on him, in cars that don’t even have that great a performance difference. At the start oft he season, Pic out-positioned VDG in 8 of the first 9 races, (9 of the first 12). He was consistently faster than VDG, but it was only when we got after Silverstone and the tyre changes that Van Der Garde started to come back into this. Even then, Pic still beat him in Germany, Italy, Korea and Japan.

Let us not forget that in Brazil too, he came from behind on the grid to get ahead of Van Der Gardge before his car decided to break on him.

Now i’m not using this as an excuse to put down Van Der Garde, because he did well enough himself, but i’m using it to show that Pic more than held enough against his teammate, and should therefore be just as deserving of a drive, if not more. You can say that Pic, no longer being a rookie anymore, should have blitzed Van Der Garde, but let’s not forget that Giedo has been involved in F1 a long time, testing for Spyker and Force India (Although lets not forget that they were technically the same team) in 2007/2008, aswell as being a part of the Caterham team before Pic was, so he already knew the team.

This forms a wider arc, because there are lots of drivers in F1 that shouldn’t be here:
Maldonado brings nothing to the table but some money and an ego the size of South America.
Gutierrez was massively outdone by his teammate, albeit a more experienced driver, and never really showed too much promise until it was too late
Sirotkin hasn’t even passed his superlicence yet, and brings nothing other than Russian money. He didn’t even do that well in WSR this season.
Chilton may have the honourable feat of finishing every race, which makes him consistent, but he’s been consistently slow. You don’t want someone who’s slow.
Di Resta has talent no doubt, but one interview with him is enough to make me want to give up on the race before it begins.

Anyway, that’s a bit off topic. In short, you can say what you want, but Charles Pic deserves a drive somewhere down the grid. I don’t care where (Although he could solve Lotus’ problems, with his Renault sponsorship and all), he just deserves to be there.

Feel free to give me your opinions, I don’t just write these articles for my own enjoyment (I really don’t).


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