A rather rubbish excuse for an update

16 Jun

I promise you i’m not dead. Not yet at least.

No, but seeing as there hasn’t been anything from me since April 7th, I thought i’d offer you an excuse. It’s not a very good one, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Infact the reason for my absence has been exams. Yes, I took the decision to actually concentrate on getting decent grades unlike half the general population, and as such my presence here has been somewhat non-existent. But my exams do finish on Thursday, and so from then on i’ll be back. And i’ll actually start posting stuff. And it won’t just be F1 which for some reason has taken over this blog which was never the intention.

If I don’t post on Thursday, that means one of my last 3 exams has killed me off, most likely C4 Maths on Wednesday. That exam is evil.

Until then, stay evil (And Awesome)



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