Start Of A New Era (Returns, F1 Ratings, Partners in Crime, Sierra Kusterbeck. More Sierra Kusterbeck)

23 Jun

So i’m alive. At least, I think I am, my exams got very close but couldn’t quite finish me off, so here I am.

I’ve got 3 months off now, so i’m going to break into re-writing here slowly enough, and pick up momentum later. I have nothing better to do, so why not? I can’t promise there’ll be many changes around here, although i’m pretty sure Tom has either been abducted by aliens or given a mind control drug because i’m pretty sure he’s completely forgotten this place exists. I’ll try and figure it out by next time.

First thing is first, I have to really catch up on putting the race ratings down on here. I mean, we’ve just had Austria, and I think China was as far as I got before giving up last time around, so that i’ll do sometime tomorrow evening, one race at a time (Don’t want to cram everything into one article)

Now, anything i’ve forgotten?………….. Ah yes:



I apologise for absolutely nothing. I also own absolutely none of those photos.

Sierra Kusterbeck is literally perfect

Until next time,
Stay Evil. C (I like that sign off. I think i’m going to sign off everything with a C now)

*Note* If nobody reads this incandescent set of ramblings and photo-spamming then i’ll be severely dissapointed, it was too much fun for nobody to appreciate

*Note* Yes, I do acknowledge the fact that if nobody reads this article then nobody will read the first note. Or this one. I’ll stop now.


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