Ummm, totally useless and meaningless F1 2014 driver ratings. Read. Now. (Those were Tom’s exact words- Chris)

22 Nov

Hello All!

I am Tom, Chris’s some-time blog partner and also bringer of chaos. I have been gone a while, but I am here with what I believe is my first solo blog, although I could be wrong. Again.

I shall introduce myself first; I am a film-maker, student and Linkin Park crazy guy. I am on twitter (@TomJiSung), but rarely on there, so check out my facebook instead

But enough of that riff raff. Onto the main reason I am writing. My own review of the drivers of F1 2014. If you can bring yourselves to do so, read on.

23) Andre Lotterer. 6/10.

I have place Lotterer last, simply because it is unfair to really elevate him further due to him not really getting the chance to prove himself in a race. But he did a bloody good job in his practice and qualifying sessions, kicking Ericsson’ ass.

Deserves another go, although I doubt we will see him again.

22) Marcus Ericsson. 1/10

Poor. I have not been impressed at all with him. He has really struggled for pace and has done absolutely nothing of note, and I see no other reason other than sponsorship money as to why he is moving to Sauber. But maybe he will prove me wrong. He has had a couple of races where he did out-pace Kobayashi, but in a more developed car, it’s not an equal match, so undoes that work. But apart from that, generally doesn’t deserve to be on the grid.

Let’s hope he can prove pretty much the whole F1 community wrong next season.

21) Esteban Gutierrez. 2/10

Anonymous. Has done nothing of note this season apart from get flipped by Maldonado in Bahrain. The only thing that stands out on him are his eyebrows, and mine are big too. Don’t know why I told you that. But he never deserved to be in F1, I said that to Chris last season and I have been justified for the second season in a row. I know the car was shit, but for a ‘very talented’ driver…well, he hasn’t shown it once. Only gets a 2 for beating Sutil on occasion.

20) Pastor Maldonado. 3/10

Well, it has been another season to forget for Maldonado. That’s 3 out of 4 seasons of his F1 career that were something to forget. Not going well really is it? I cannot remember a practice session he hasn’t crashed in. His overall pace is not great, and I know the car is shit, but Grosjean still put in some pretty good places. He even finished behind Chilton at one stage. Yeah.

Finally got some points in Austin. But that is the only highlight.

19) Max Chilton. 4/10

Well, he is no longer the slowest man in F1! Instead he is now the second slowest. Not great, but an improvement none the less. Now I like the man, he is a wonderful personality, a fun guy. But he is just not quick enough. In a season where the Marussia is faster than the Caterhams, he has been outdone by Kobayashi in a slower car in 6 out of the 8 races they both finished. That really isn’t good enough. But, credit where credit is due, he has improved on last season.

I forgive him for calling it a day in Austin, everyone has suffered badly from Bianchi’s injury, I can understand him pulling out. But apart from that, it has been a poor season again for the young Brit, and I think it is time to look at a different motorsport. I think he will do well in Indycar, or a form of Touring Car. But I like him and wish him luck, always want a fellow Brit to do well.

18) Adrian Sutil. 4/10.

It has not been a good season for Sutil. I like him, and I have often rooted for him. But he really should have scored at least 1 point this season. The car has been diabolical I will admit. But maybe he could have pushed a little harder? But that is harsh; I have no doubt it must be hard trying to keep yourself motivated in such a shit car. Austin was really unlucky. He finally showed what he has got, some fantastic pace, only to be cruelly taken out on the first lap. Luck isn’t Sutil’s best friend it seems.

Does he deserve another go at F1? I don’t know. It’s a 50/50. We shall let the motorsport Gods decide that one.

17) Romain Grosjean. 5/10.

How the Lotus has fallen. From a podium scorer to struggling to get into the points. I really feel sorry for Grosjean, because he deserves more. The car has been really unreliable this year. He has two fantastic results, 2 eighths in Spain and Monaco. But that’s as good as it got. Perhaps he has suffered a lack of motivation? Maybe he has found it tough to cope with such a drop in performance, but I have no doubt, if the Lotus improves next year, he will bounce back.

16) Kimi Raikkonen. 5/10.

The Iceman Cometh…No More. Is this the end of the Kimster? Not yet. But it has been a really poor season from the Finn. Truly outclassed by Alonso. Either, Kimi has been poor, or Alonso has been truly outstanding, because there is a gap between them no one expected. It has been a strange season. Kimi has not impressed, and 2015 may be his final chance to do so, and I am surprise he is being retained for next year.

It’s all very strange.

15) Jules Bianchi. 6/10.

I am truly saddened, like so many people, by his horrific crash. This should happen to no racing driver, but no one can be blamed. A horrible freak accident. I wish him all the best with his recovery.

I know he has been injured, but I shall be fair and rate him the same as every driver, I will not give a sympathy vote because I feel it unfair. Please do not feel I am in any way treating him badly.

For starters, what a bloody result! P9 in Monaco. What an achievement. Very memorable. I feel perhaps Kobayashi was more deserving of P9, and Bianchi was very aggressive in his overtaking and ruined Kamui’s race. I know this is motorsport, but I feel it was unnecessarily aggressive. But it was a great result anyway and he would have had points if he took out Kobayashi or not. I am really happy for him. Apart from that, it was the average Bianchi. Easily beating his teammate, beating the Caterhams, although they were slower, on a constant basis and pushing the teams in front. But apart from Monaco, there we no real stand out performances for me. But I take no credit from him, he is a fantastic racer, really very talented, and again, I hope he recovers well from his injury.

14) Sebastian Vettel. 6/10.

KARMA M*THAF*CKA!!! Seb has really struggled in a slower car, just as I predicted. He has constantly scored and got the occasional podium, but he has been truly outclassed by Ricciardo, and has decided to jump ship. Will Ferrari get him back to winning ways? We will have to wait and see. But I am happy to see him suffering in a slower car, he deserves it after his treatment of Mark Webber.

13) Daniil Kvyat. 6/10.

It’s hard to analyse Kvyat. He had a great start to the season. But then he faded badly, especially after the announcement he is going to Red Bull. Is it too soon to call him up? Personally I think so, but I expect he will prove me wrong. But from someone jumping from GP3 to F1, a generally solid job.

12) Kevin Magnussen. 6/10.

Another so-so. Great first race. After that, average at best. It cannot be easy living up to the hype McLaren surrounded him in, but he hasn’t really impressed me. A solid debut, but I am not sure he is a future winner or Champion. I think he will thrive in a mid-grid team. But I leave my judgement open and will see how he improves if he gets a second season. It is always hard judging rookies.

11) Kamui Kobayashi. 7/10.

The fan-favourite returned!!! Kamui made his return with a Caterham team who were confident of having a good season. How wrong they were. Kamui has done a very very good job though, constantly and easily outdoing his teammate and also Max Chilton in the faster Marussia, even beating Gutierrez on a couple of occasions. Despite the teams struggles, Kamui gave his all and showed his talent again. Let’s hope he gets the top drive he really deserves.

10) Sergio Perez. 7/10.

He has done a solid job to rebuild his damaged reputation from his time at McLaren. Had a sublime drive to P3 in Bahrain. Has scored good points, but has been comprehensively beaten by Hulkenberg. But strongly deserves a second season at Force India.

9) Jean-Eric Vergne. 7/10.

Hmmmm. This is a damn tough one. Had a good start to the season with P8, but suffered some bad luck when Kvyat was going strong, making him look bad. Kvyat then got the Red Bull drive, which was like a kick in the balls to the Frenchman, who had kept Ricciardo honest for their two seasons together. After Red Bull announced Kvyat would take Vettel’ seat, Kvyat struggled, whilst Vergne did a superb job, with a fantastic 6th place in Singapore.

Have Red Bull made the wrong decision? Possibly, we will have to wait and see. Personally, I think Vergne should have got the drive, at least for a season. I only hope he gets a seat for 2015, because it will be sad to see him go.

8) Jenson Button. 7/10.

P3 down under. That is as good as it has got. But the veteran racer has had some really strong races alongside some less good ones. He has taken the McLaren to above average positions, including four 4th places. Has perhaps suffered a lack of motivation due to the driver market and the rumours over his future. However, as he always has done, he has continued to drive his fireproof socks off. I hope McLaren make the right choice and keep him on.

7) Felipe Massa. 7/10.

Another class driver who has kept his foot down. He has had some horrific bad luck, and he hasn’t been as quick as Bottas, but he has had some brilliant drives, especially to come back in Brazil to take the final step on the podium. Always giving 100% and has shown he still has what it takes to fight at the top. The only driver to break the Mercedes pole domination too. That’s a bloody good achievement too.

6) Nico Hulkenberg. 8/10.

I just don’t understand. This guy is one of the best talents to make the grid in recent years and always take a car above and beyond its limits. Yet he is constantly stuck in the mid-grid. When will someone have some sense to hire him? An epic run of 10 point scoring positions, including four 5th place finishes. This guy still has what it takes to be a champion. But first he will need the car. And time is running out.

5) Fernando Alonso. 8/10.

In my opinion, the most talented driver on the grid. His effort is flawless, and he rarely, in fact, almost never makes a mistake. I cannot name a driver who can push 110% every lap of every race and not make a mistake. Has been a really poor season for Ferrari, yet he has still taken two podium positions, so if I was wearing a hat, I would take my hat off to him. It will be interesting to see where he ends up next season.

4) Valtteri Bottas. 9/10.

Wow! This guy has been truly stunning, I have to admit I never saw this coming. He has taken 5 podiums this year, a superb result for the Finn only in his second year in F1. In Germany, he beat one of the Mercedes in an outright fight. That….well I am speechless. This man is one to watch. He is going places.

3) Lewis Hamilton. 9/10.

He has won 10 races so far, and has done a brilliant job. You may ask why he isn’t number one as a result. But he has done exactly what we expected him to do if he was in such a dominant car. Will he win the title? Well we will find out. But whether he does or not, he has done a lovely job this year, a season to be proud of. Good job man.

2) Nico Rosberg. 9/10.

This may baffle a few people. But I have chosen Rosberg to go ahead of Hamilton because I think he has done better than people have expected. He has beaten Hamilton well on several occasions and has annihilated him in qualifying, taking pole position king for the year. Can he win the title? I think so. He has taken pole and is stronger mentally than Hamilton. Rosberg can win the race, but then it depends where Hamilton can finish. It’s gunna be fun. If I am honest, I would like to see Rosberg win, as he is really talented, has had a tougher time than Hamilton rising through the F1 teams, has proven many people wrong and is overall a really nice guy, which Hamilton isn’t all the time.

Expect a frantic final race. Let us hope reliability doesn’t ruin it for us.

1) Daniel Ricciardo. 10/10.

This guy has been a revelation this season. He has wiped the floor with a four time world champ, and has won 3 races- the only driver to break the Mercedes dominance this year. Ricciardo can easily be a world champion in the future, and has been the only driver to really push the Mercedes duo and give them cause for concern. Ultimately, the car is not quick enough for the title this year, but if it returns to the front like 2010-13, expect this guy to be leading the pack into turn one and at the finish line.

Well, I hope you found my ratings mildly interesting. You don’t have to agree with me, but these are my thoughts.

I will try to do some more blogs, and in just over 3 weeks me and Chris will be reunited from our respective universities for Christmas, so expect us to be teaming up again!

Until then,



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