The World’s Most Incredible 2015 F1 Season Predictions

14 Mar

With Melboure Qualifying haveing come and gone, we have some indication of how the order of the year’s F1 season may pan out- but, as is always the case with me, I have my own predictions. After all, the season is 20 races(ish) long, and a lot can happen between now and the end of the year.

Although with that said, last year I only managed to get an amazing 2 predictions right. One of them was Max Chilton and the other was Esteban Gutierrez, so that can tell you all you need to know about my fortune telling skills.

So, shall we get to it?

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team
Predicted Constructor Finish: 1st


Mercedes were totally dominant last season, and this season shows no signs of being any different. After a solid pre-season where they completed a ridiculous number of laps, the form seems to have continued with the team obliterating everyone during the first couple of days of the Australian GP. Whether anyone can catch them is one thing, but even if somebody does, they could be well out of sight by then.

Nico Rosberg
Predicted Finish: 1st

I backed Nico last year to be World Champion, and this year is no different, despite finishing runner up in 2014. With another dominant car, it’ll most likely be between the two Mercedes drivers for the title once again- last year the title largely came down to luck, with Nico being on the wrong end of it in the Abu Dhabi finale. Now he’s back and as motivated as ever, this could well be his year.

Lewis Hamilton
Predicted Finish: 2nd

Realistically, it could well be either of the Mercedes drivers who take the World Championship, they’re both so evenly matched- but, i’m here to make predictions so i’m going to have to make one. My head says Lewis to retain the crown, but my heart is with Nico as it was last year, and i’m going to go with my heart on this one, as I did last year. Sorry Lewis.

Williams Martini Racing
Predicted Constructor Finish: 2nd


After such a fantastic season last year for Williams, this season looks like it could be even better. The team has gone on leaps and bounds since the dark years, and now look a force to contend with, with some fantastic drivers to go with it. They could certainly be one to look out for this season if Mercedes slip up.

Valtteri Bottas #BO77AS
Predicted Finnish: 3rd

What a breakthrough season Valtteri Bottas had last year. After only just managing to outscore the bulldozer (Pastor Maldonado) in 2013, the jury was still out, but last season he put all the doubters in their place. Now, with the car looking just as good if not better than last season, it’s the perfect opportunity for the Flying Finn to rack up the podiums, and maybe even grab his first race win.

Felipe Massa
Predicted Finish: 6th

Felipe had such bad luck last year, his final position of 7th didn’t tell the entire story. However, with the re-emergence of Ferrari to content with, along with an exceptionally fast teammate, it’s going to be an extremely tight battle to see who can get into the top end of the table. Expect Felipe to be there or there about, and maybe he might get some good luck this time…

Scuderia Ferrari
Predicted Constructor Finish: 3rd


Ferrari looked down and out last season, with their team structure crumbling and results not going their way, but this season seems very different. The car looks good, and with Sebastian Vettel onboard to partner Kimi Raikkonen, the team has a perfect mix of speed and experience. The drivers look confident and the team looks confident. This could be a good season- expect podiums, and don’t completely write off the chance of a race win.

Sebastian Vettel
Predicted Finish: 5th

Seb made a bold move last year, leaving the team that brought him into 3 World Championships in favour of a move to Italy and Ferrari. At the moment, it looks like a move that could just pay off. Whilst Ferrari are back on the up, Red Bull are having many problems. Whilst I don’t expect Seb to set the world alight at Ferrari this season, I certainly expect him to show exactly why they signed him.

Kimi Räikkönen #ICEMAN
Predicted Finnish: 7th

It really didn’t work out for the Iceman last year. And when I say didn’t work out, I meant it was disastrous. Whilst the Ferrari was not great, he still could only manage 12th, behind both Force Indias and McLarens, whilst his teammate was in 6th fighting Red Bulls. This year though, the car looks like it suits him a lot more, and that’s going to help propel him up the standings.

Infinity Red Bull Racing
Predicted Constructor Finish: 4th


I can’t be the only one that misses the CamoBull, can I? I thought it was a really elegant design but this is Red Bull, and they do have a branded colour scheme to stick to. Another thing they have to stick to is the use of Renault engines, which may be one of their main hindrances this season, especially considering Daniel Ricciardo spent the whole of Aussie FP2 without an engine. That may not be their only problem though…

There’s also Daniil Kvyat.

Daniel ‘Honey Badger’ Ricciardo
Predicted Finish: 4th

Red Bull started off last season without the greatest car in the world, but still Daniel Ricciardo managed to tame it, and outdo his 3 time world champion teammate into 3rd place in the standings. This year is no different- the Red Bull does not look fantastic, but does have enough potential that, over the course of the season, Dan can rack up the points and smash his way into the top 5.

Daniil Kvyat
Predicted Finish: 11th

Daniil Kvyat scored 8 points last year. To give you a comparison, Romain Grosjean also scored 8 points last year. The difference is, Romain was driving a car that performed worse than Justin Beiber on LSD- Daniil Kvyat was not. Indeed, Kvyat’s teammate at the time, Jean Eric Vergne, managed to score almost 3 times as many points as he did. So forgive me if i’m not confident Kvyat can break into the top 10.

McLaren Honda #McHonda
Predicted Constructor Finish: 5th


Oh I am taking a risk with this one. A big, big risk. After Qualifying in Melbourne, McLaren sit dead last and, tyres taken into account, almost 4 seconds off the pace. It looks hopeless, but it should be taken into account that Honda is down 250bhp to improve reliability- once the power is back, the team should be on the up, especially with the aggressive upgrade system. But for now, they’re just a little doomed…

Honda, The Power of Nightmares

Fernando Alonso, 1995 Edition
Predicted Finish: 8th

Despite living in 1995 (Which is before I was born… Creepy), Nando is still very much a McHonda driver, and probably one of the best drivers on the grid, if not the best. Time and time again he’s been able to pull a failing Ferrari near the front of the grid, so I have no doubt he’ll do the same once Honda fix out their problems.

Jenson Button
Predicted Finish: Somewhere hopefully not last (Like 10th. Let’s go with that)

The most experienced man on the grid returns in a situation that bears a striking resemblance to one he’s been in before. In 2008, driving for the works Honda team, Button found himself rooted to the back of the grid in a car with more problems that Rolf Harris in a Primary school. In that season he finished 18th.


Kevin Magnussen
Predicted Finish: 21st

I like Kevin, but the likelihood is that he’s only going to be doing 1 race, and the car is so bad I’d be surprised if he finishes. So, er, yeah.

Lotus F1 Team
Predicted Constructor Finish: 6th

Motor Racing - Formula One Testing - Day 2 - Jerez, Spain

Lotus had a poor season last year, scoring just 10 points all season, but this year already looks an improvement. With both cars inside the top 10 during qualifying, the future looks brighter for Lotus. They need to rack up the points though, especially if Red Bull and McLaren get their acts together.

Romain Grosjean
Predicted Finish: 9th

Having to put up with a poor performing car last year, RoGro is back with a vengeance an ready to deal some damage. If the Lotus can keep up its early top 10 running pace, then we could well see him in the points on a regular occasion. They may not be high points, but they’ll be points nonetheless.

Pastor Maldonado
Predicted Finish: 13th

Unlucky 13 for Maldonado? He seems to like that number regardless. With a better performing Lotus, its his chance to prove the doubters wrong and shake off his ‘Crashtor’ image. That said, something tells me he won’t have much on Romain Grosjean. Not this season.

Sahara Force India F1 Team
Predicted Constructor Finish: 7th


Force India seem to follow a pattern every season- start off great, then slowly fade away over the course of the season and finish somewhere in the middle of the pack. This season, however, they don’t actually seem to have started that great- now they’ve got to hope their usual pattern doesn’t hold.

Nico Hülkenberg
Predicted Finish: 12th

Nico is a good driver, we all know that. Even last season, where his form was a little up and down, he still managed to put in some decent shifts. This season. however, he’s stuck with a car that doesn’t look fantastic. I still expect him to grab some points, and outdo Checo, but I don’t expect him to set the world alight.

Checo Perez
Predicted Finish: 15th

This rolls pretty much the same as Nico H, but I don’t rate Perez as highly. On his day he can be really good, but his days seem to be few and far between. He’s just got to hope FI can keep up a fast enough car that he can perform on when he is on it.

Scuderia Toro Rosso
Predicted Constructors Finish: 8th

Toro Rosso

The mighty Red Bull understudy! Infact, they’ve looked so good so far that Carlos Sainz Jr managed to outqualify a parent Red Bull (OK it was Kvat, but the point still stands). Unfortunately, Toro Rosso started last season well, and then tailed off massively, and I can see the same happening again. They just don’t have the resources to keep up, but i’m all up for them to prove me wrong.

Max Verstappen #MAXPOWER
Predicted Finish: 14th

Oh I am taking a risk with this one. The wonderkid, Max Verstappen, finally taking his first steps into the world of F1. Even though he’s just 17, he’s showing great potential and seems completely unfazed by the tasks ahead of him. Yes, CSJ outqualified him in Australia, but I feel that, once Max gets to grips with the car, then we’ll really get to see what he’s made of.

Carlos Sainz Jr
Predicted Finish: 17th

I have to say, trying to predict where CSJ is going to finish was one of the hardest parts of doing this. I really, really can’t judge whether he’s going to be really good or not. His Australia qualifying was spectacular, but then Daniil Kvyat started last season on fire and ended up never finishing higher than 9th.

Sorry Carlos

Sauber F1 Team
Predicted Constructor Finish: 9th


Sauber’s season started off somewhere south of awful when they decided to brand their car with the colours of IKEA, and it hasn’t really got any better since then. A legal wrangle with Giedo Van Der Garde over the fact Monisha Kaltenborn is more incompetent than Homer Simpson has overshadowed what is potentially a half decent Sauber car. I say ‘half decent’, because Marcus Ericsson still couldn’t get himself out of Q1.

Felipe Nasr
Predicted Finish: 16th

Nasr was always thought of as a pay driver, considering his massive Brazilian sponsorship from Banco Do Brasil, but Nasr looks like he has genuine talent. If he can take the Sauber and somehow get it into the points, then that’ll vindicate the decision to give him a race seat.

Marcus Ericsson
Predicted Finish: 18th

Ericsson was signed by Sauber a while ago, but only time can tell whether it was a good move for the Swiss team, or the Swedish driver, especially if Sauber struggle. Last season, in a poor Caterham, Ericsson was soundly outdone for most of the season by Kamui Kobayashi- he needs to bring his late season form to Australia if he wants to move off the back.

Manor Marussia F1 Team
Predicted Finish: 10th


I’m afraid somebody has to be last. Manor, having been saved from certain doom at the last minute, go into the season with a 2015 spec 2014 car, and unfortunately that may hinder any chance they have of immediately making inroads. However, this is a team of fighters, and if there is an opportunity, they will take it- make no mistake of that.

Will Stevens
Predicted Finish: 19th

Literally, trying to decide who finishes higher between Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi was a gut decision, and in the end it went to Stevens on account of the fact he has already had a race in an F1 car, and fairly recently too.

Roberto Merhi
Predicted Finish: 20th

As for Roberto, he has FP1 experience so he’s not a complete rookie, but he has no race exposure. Either way, whatever happens, I wish the both of them the best of luck.

AND SO THAT IS IT! There are my predictions for the 2015 F1 season. Now lets see if I can actually get more than 2 people in the correct positions……


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