Friday Roundup: Adrian Sutil might still have a job after all, Lewis Hamilton’s car hates him (Along with the FIA) and Adrian Newey is allegedly human

27 Mar

It’s Friday, it’s Malaysian GP Weekend, and I was supposed to write this article this afternoon whilst enjoying my 3 hour break from lectures with my good friends Toni and Nathan. Unfortunately, I got a little sidetracked, and so i’m having to bring this to you in the evening.

But it could be worse, I could not have written this at all (Which may have actually been the better idea), seeing as i’m supposed to be packing for going home tomorrow. Oh well.

So to the first part of the roundup- I actually flipped a coin to decide which topic went first, which is an interesting concept considering there are 3 topics- Adrian Sutil might actually still have a job. For a long period of time, nobody actually knew if he had a deal in place with serial contractors Sauber for this season or not, or if he did what he was going to do etc, not that anybody really cared seeing as Giedo Van Der Garde was hogging all the headlines by actually taking IKEA-lite to court.

However, he now definitely does have a job, as Reserve driver for Williams incase Valtteri Bottas gets a bad back again or Felipe Massa has a mental breakdown from people confusing him for Felipe Nasr. Hardly a top job, but certainly better than currently driving for McLaren…. (Sorry Ron, love you really).

The second of these, which maybe should have gone first as it’s relevant to now, is that, despite being the current Gods of Formula 1, Mercedes’ car doesn’t particularly like working for Lewis Hamilton, doing everything in its power to ruin his weekend by breaking down and meaning he missed all of FP1. Not to worry though, he came back and topped FP2 as his way of telling his car to get bent.

And it’s not only the car against Lewis. He’s brought with him an incredible helmet design for the Malaysian fans, but the FIA  in all of their wisdom decided that they wanted to ban people changing helmets because nobody could recognise them. Well, I don’t know about you, but i’ve never used helmets to determine who’s driving, always the airbox. If you know who’s first driver, it’s easy. And that helmet design was really good too.

And to end, a more underlying tone for this weekend is the intra-team/company war between Red Bull and Renault. Red Bull are pissed that Renault have such a terrible engine, so Renault retaliated by publicly calling Adrian Newey a liar and telling Red Bull that their cars are crap. All in all, both parties now hate each other, so what better idea than to seat Christian Horner (Red Bull) and Cyril Abiteboul (Renault) next to each other in the press conference. What could possibly go wrong?

I do think it’s funny Cyril calling Adrian Newey a liar, because, if anything, it just helps confirm that he might actually be a very talented human and not just an incredibly intelligent robot send from the future. Well, that’s if he did lie of course.

And, for a nicer note, it’s really good to see Manor-Marussia back on the grid and racing.

Also, to Toni and Nathan, what we did today was in equal parts one of the funniest things i’ve ever done and also one of the most disturbing.

Until Sunday, I guess. Näkemiin!


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