Shanghai Showdown

18 Apr

It’s Friday and Bahrain Practice is currently going on in the background, so what better time to give everyone my ratings from China? (I can’t help the fact I was too lazy to do it any earlier, plus i’ve had revision to do too). Seeing as i’m already behind, I’ll get straight to the ratings.

Mercedes: 9/10

It was pretty easy for Mercedes from start to finish, nothing too spectacular but at least we got to see the team argue with each other internally, which is always nice.

Lewis Hamilton: Finishing Position: 1st
Rating: 9/10 +1 Bonus Point

Awarded the bonus point for spraying the podium girl with champagne and not giving a damn what anybody thinks, it was as straightforward a race as he could have hoped for position-wise, although he still had to fight against a rather unhappy Nico Rosberg via team radio.

Nico Rosberg: Finishing Position: 2nd
Rating: 7/10

Drove a solid race in 2nd place, comfortably ahead of Ferrari in the end, but allowed Lewis to wind him up enough to have a mental breakdown in the post-race press conference and show the cracks are beginning to appear….

Ferrari: 8/10

Still had the pace, but just not enough of it to challenge the Mercedes during the race. Still, the weekend was solid enough and they racked up their 3rd podium of the season already. Even Kimi looked cool as during the weekend.

Sebastian Vettel: Finishing Position: 3rd
Rating: 8/10

3rd podium of the season and 2nd 3rd place, Seb drove as well as he possibly could, but in the end, Hamilton didn’t drive slow enough for him to be able to catch Rosberg. Maybe next time.

Kimi Räikkönen: Finishing Position: 4th. Again.
Rating: 8/10

Finally a race where the Iceman didn’t run into problems during the race, and more than proved he can still keep up with the rest of them- now all he has to do is get one over his teammate.

Williams: 7/10

It was a lonely race for Williams- they were too slow to catch the Ferrari, but too fast for the rest of the field. This meant that they spent the entire race in a world of their own, but it was more solid points.

Felipe Massa: Finishing Position: 5th
Rating: 8/10

A good race for Felipe who managed to get one over on his teammate, as the eternal battle for best driver within Williams well in full swing. No major mistakes either which is a bonus.

Valtttttttttttteri Botttttttttttas: Finishing Position: 6th
Rating: 7/10

Solid if unspectacular drive from Valtteri, but the fact he finished behind his teammate is something he’s going to need to try and reverse next time round in Bahrain…. But all in all nothing much to report. Onwards!

Lotus: 9.5 +1 Bonus Point

Lotus finally scored their first points of the season and hence a bonus point in the ratings. All in all Lotus looked very much better than they have in the previous races and would have scored more points had Maldonado not been so incompetent and/or Maldonado like.

Romain Grosjean: Finishing Position: 7th
Rating: 10 +1 Bonus Points

Romain has points! And not just points, but an amazing 6 of them. For a Lotus that started the season poorly despite promise, this was a very good drive indeed to place so highly without mistake. And for that, he not only gets a 10 but also a bonus point too.

Pastor Maldonado: Finishing Position: DNF
Rating: 5/10 +1 Bonus Point

Awarded a bonus point for getting ‘Maldonadoed’ by Jenson Button (Oh the irony), it really was a race that promised so much yet delivered so little for Pastor. Running early on in the points, mistakes dropped him well down the order before he was forcibly retired.

Sauber: 8/10

Solid work once again from Sauber, who gain even more points to make last season look like a freak nightmare (5 more of them to be precise). Though, with that said, they still can’t seriously challenge the big guns, so there’s work to do yet.

Felipe Nasr: Finishing Position: 8th
Rating: 8/10 

More points on the board for rookie Nasr, who has so far shown an assured hand a enough speed to eclipse his more experienced teammate, and at the moment shows no intention to slow down one bit.

Marcus ‘IKEA Mascot’ Ericsson: Finishing Position: 10th
Rating: 7/10

Pros: Scored a point. Managed to keep it on the track all race. Swedish.
Cons: Only scored a point. Outdone by teammate. Again.

Red Bull: 5/10 +1 Bonus Point

Awarded a bonus point as an incentive to stop crying about being awful and to just get on with the racing. They might actually perform better that way.

Daniel Ricciardo: Finishing Position: 9th
Rating: 7/10

Having had the world’s worst start I think i’ve seen since Heikki Kovalainen got his hands on the Lotus a few years ago, it was an impressive enough recovery drive to score some points for the ailing Renault Rocket

Dani Kvyat: Finishing Position: DNF
Rating: 5.5/10

After not qualifying very well, then not starting very well, then not particularly driving too well, his car finally gave up and decided to go for a quality mojito and some ice cream. Not sure I can blame it really.

Force India: 5/10

Force India are in trouble, and China did nothing to help them perform better. With Sergio Perez out of the points and Nico H not even managing to finish the race (Through no fault of his own), FI need to find something and find it quickly, especially if McLaren finally enter the fold…

Sergio Perez: Finishing Position: 11th
Rating: 6/10

There’s not much Checo can do at the moment with the car he has been given. It was an average race, but not one that is ever going to live on in his memory, and not one that was ever going to seriously challenge anyone.

Nico Hulkenberg: Finishing Position: DNF
Rating: 6/10 +1 Bonus Point

I feel really sorry for Nico, he has the talent and speed, but not the car. Infact, he’s never really had the car in his entire career. And just to make things worse, this car didn’t even want to work for him. And so, because I feel so sorry for him, i’m going to give him a bonus point.

McHonda: 7/10

McLaren are getting there. Slowly, but they are getting there- qualifying was good, despite being eliminated they weren’t far behind the midfield and both cars finished. Bingo!

Fernando Alonso: Finishing Position: 12th
Rating: 7/10

Solid drive from Fernando after only managing to qualify behind his teammate (It was hella close though). Managed to stay out of the wars and place a decent 12th. Couple more and points aren’t impossible.

Pastor Mal- Uh, I mean Jenson Button: Finishing Position: 14th
Rating: 6/10 +1 Bonus Point

Awarded a bonus point for doing his best impression of Pastor Maldonado, on Pastor Maldonado, it was still a solid race for JB who actually finished 13th before penalty, and kept pace with Fernando for the entire race.

Toro Rosso: 6/10

Toro Rosso have had better days, but equally they’ve had worse, especially in previous years, so it’s not all bad. Yeah, they didn’t score any points, but they still look like they have the potential

Carlos Sainz Jr: Finishing Position: 13th
Rating: 6/10

An unlucky 13th that he actually inherited from Jenson Button, it wasn’t really a race CSJ is going to remember for being good, but maybe for being bad. It was hardly his day, was it?

Maxx Verstappen: Finishing Position: DNF
Rating: 6.5/10

Another race where Max has driven perfectly well, but unreliability has hit him hard. Even managed to mix it with Red Bull for half the race but at the end of the day it’s another pointless race

Manor-Marussia: 6/10

A solid day for Marussia, with both cars reaching the finish line for the first time, and the speed has increased, albeit slightly, which all bodes well for the future.

Will Stevens: Finishing Position: 15th
Rating: 6.5/10

A solid race for Will and a decent weekend overall, showing that he still very much has a handle over his teammate and looks good for the future, especially if Manor improve.

Roberto Merhi: Finishing Position: 16th

Again, a solid race, but Roberto just doesn’t seem to have any response to his teammates superiority. However, we’re only a couple of races in and there’s a long way to go yet….

UPDATE: I actually wrote this on Friday but then completely forgot to publish it. Please forgive my incompetence.


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